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  • surprise from step mom

    Well, my dad's been gone now for almost 10 years. I know when my stepmother was cleaning out the basement shortly after he passed, she called and said if you want his woodworking books and magazines, come get them or I'm throwing them away. (They are still in my basement, and I look thru them often).

    Well, last Saturday she showed up here and said she was cleaning out the garage. She thought I might be able to use some things. Well, it turned out that there were several pieces of wood still wrapped in plastic with the name MasterCraft on them. (Truthfully, I'm not familiar with the name.) They were various sizes, widths, and lengths of Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and Aspen. And a few things I wasn't familiar with. Once again, she said take them or I'm throwing it all away. Well, needless to say it's all in my garage now. I'll have to do some serious rearraigning to make space for it all.

    There was also a box full of clock movements. They were all quartz movements, some were pendulum, some with speakers, some without. I am not familiar with names on the mechanisms. I have not heard of Hermle, or Takane. But I will be doing some googling this weekend.

    But, back to the boards, will it be a bad thing for those boards to be stored in my unheated garage? Also, I don't know if it will be a bad thing for them to be leaning against the wall for a while or if I should make space now to lay them flat. I can't get too carried away because we still park my wife's van in the garage due to bad weather. (Which means breaking down my DeWalt table saw and putting the lawn mower in the basement where my books and TV are).

    I can't for the life of me figure out why Dad would have bought a Mastercraft package of 1/16 thick Aspen but it's nice to know it's there if I need it. I'm also glad that now I can do some projects that I skipped over because I didn't have the funds to buy those types of boards. I think it's time to start going thru all his magazines and books again.

    Dan A

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    While I am no clock movement expert, the Hermie was a decent movemeent. I am not familiar with the other brand. I just checked Hermie website they are still available.
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      Wow, quite a haul!
      ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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        Your dad may be gone from this earth but he is still with you in so many ways. And leave it to dad's to give us great stuff to work with!
        Linda at


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          When you go to wood stores, how is their wood stored? On end standing up. We, my husband, puts our long boards on end. I have a closet that I store shorter boards, 3’ or less, that I am currently working on. When he runs out of room, or I trip over boards and knock them down, he will resort to flat storing. He has lots and lots of spacers that are 3/4” x 3/4”, this is SLRA after all, he’ll store them on the floor. He puts spacers every 12” or so. After he gets his stack of wood, he weighs down the boards so it stays flat. Good luck.

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