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Hard Woods for low $$$

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  • Hard Woods for low $$$

    With the price of wood going up there are other places to source wood for the scroll sawer.

    Today in Walmart I found Acacia cutting boards on clearance for $9.33.
    Size: 12"w x 18"l x 3/4" thick.
    Board (3a).JPG
    Board (1a).JPG
    Board (7a).JPG Board (8a).JPG Board (9a).JPG
    Board (5a).JPG

    They can be used for almost anything. Intarsia, Pen turning, ornaments (if made thinner), fretwork, etc

    The boards are edge jointed so that would come into play on the designs, but there is a lot more wood being only available edge jointed to get the desired widths wanted.
    The size of the individual pieces run from 1 9/16" to 5 3/8" wide.
    Palm sanding or belt sanding should get rid of the painted side pretty easily. I would leave the edge painting on to keep the ends sealed and more stabilized.

    Since I get more wood than I use, I couldn't pass these up. Although I left 5 or so behind.

    The price was 20 then dropped to 9. Online it was 30 dropped to 17.

    Had to pass this along to those interested in saving some $.

    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida

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    Anyone buy the boards?
    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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      Pretty boards. Our Walmart didn't have any when I went. Thank you for sharing though.
      Linda at


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