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  • Finding Stock

    I'm cutting scroll saw baskets and am having trouble finding
    wide enough stock. Some patterns I have call for 7-8 inch
    wide stock. Any help?

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    Re: Finding Stock

    I usually glue it up ... if your careful you can get the joint pretty much even and finish if off with sanpaper ... about a year ago I finally bit the bullet and bought a thickness plainer. Expensive, but needed if for other wood working projects.

    Most home centers have glue ups that wide and wider, but really limits you options on type of wood not to mention the cost.


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      Re: Finding Stock

      I may try edge glueing. I don't own a joiner, so I'm not sure
      of the outcome, but what the heck, I'll give it a try.


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        Edge Join Stock for Gluing with Table Saw

        A well tuned table saw equiped with a stabliized thin kerf high quality blade such as a Forrest Woodworker II can be used to prepare stock for edge glueing. The trick is to stack boards to be joined face to face so that any angle offset set from 90 degrees is mirrored in the mating board. Yields a nearly invisible glue joint. Time spent fine tuning your table saw for joining pays dividends in other cuts as well. Practice the technique on some scrap 3/4" pine. Hope this helps


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          You can also use a router and a straight edge and a flush triming bit would give you excellent results. Finding stock depends on what you are looking for The home centerc carry oak and polar and pine. There are numerous wood suppliers on line if you want some names just say so and will list them. Also you can check for a hardwood distributer or even a cabinet shop near you. You can find these in the yellow pages.
          John T.


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            Gluing up stock

            Bock matching the grain on two boards gives a great result. if you are fortunate enough to get wood cut from the same stock.
            Another great look is achieved by turners when they sandwich different specises of wood together alternating light and dark grain.
            I dont have pipe clamps so I took a scrap of plywood laid itflat and fastened a 2x4 to one side. Another 2x4 is attached a distance away from the first but parrallel to it.
            I place the boards to be glued up bewteen the two 2x4s. I then drive wedges bewteen the 2x4s and the boards. This clamps them together till the glue dries. Not hi tech but it works for me. If I can get a picture I will post it.

            Here is a link for a similar setup
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              Well, depending on how much you wish to invest in this hobby/business and what tools you have on hand, I solved my problem this way. We bought a 14" depth band saw, a riser for it and also have a 12" wide planer. I can now, mostly my husband, resaw wood for me up 12" in width, any thickness I want. I run it through the planer and am all set to go. If you plan to do many baskets/bowls, which is what 80% of my work is, this will pay for itself in the long run. I try to plan my work so I can cut 2 slices a little more than 1/4" or 1 slice a little more than 1/2" slice from 3/4" wood, to allow for sanding and planing, and use the remainder, which is less that 1/4" thick for ornaments or other work. This works very well and is very cost effective. Another thing to do, is reduce the pattern size to make it fit the wood you have on hand. Ususally a 3%-10% reduction will be all it takes. If I have a pattern I really like, I reduce the pattern in 10% increments and also increase it in 10% increments. Keep in mind though, that you may have to adjust the thickness of your wood accordingly.

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                I have found that has quite the variety of woods in different widths and lengths. They will even work with you on you needs. Try calling before you order online, to be sure they have what you want in stock.


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