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    i have to finish my projects sometimes before i make a glueup is there any glue that works better on finished wood i'm use weldbond now any suggestions

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    I don't due a lot of glue ups as such, but I would think type of finish, strain on the joint, etc. would make a difference.
    That said, if Weldbond is working, keep using it.
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      I have experiment with lots of glue. CA in various thickness and Titebond in various names. (Translucent was okay) BUT Weldbond in my go to.

      The attached was completely painted before glue up. The back is rattle can gloss and the other is craft paint. I love that it dries clear.

      I use with the little accordion glue dispenser.

      Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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        That's pretty cool looking. Someone is going to be very happy!
        Linda at


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