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  • adheasive for felt to wood

    On my current project, a unity cross for a wedding, includes a small drawer in the base, for things like jewelry/rings, will be lined with felt. What would be a good adhesive to hold the felt in place? There is some poly on the bottom of the draw where the felt is to be. It will require very little to hold it in place, there will not be much to cause it to move, I was thinking double sided sticky tape. I am anxious to get this done also. I have most of the work done, all the pieces cut, just a little more assembly and poly. The wedding is the end of May. I had over a years notice on this job. I hope to post pictures when done.

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    No reason a spray adhesive wouldn’t work. I use 3M 77.
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      Try the craft stores for felt with an adhesive back. Seems to work well on bare wood.

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        Or, I paint the bottom of my boxes the color of the flock I am going to use then put the flock in while paint is still wet. I prefer the flock,over the felt.

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          I have been using Weldbond for attaching fabric to wood. It seems to attach anything to anything. It dries clear too.

          Carole Rathman recommended it for doing bowls and I use it for everything but cutting boards (Titebond III) as it is only water resistant not water proof.

          My wife who does all the crafting loves it. She has it is an accordion bottle and just a drop will attach buttons or fabric.

          I get my accordion bottles at

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            For what you are doing I would use a few strips of double sided tape.
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              I wonder if double sided tape will telegraph through the felt? May not be an issue, but something to consider. The adhesive backed felt works pretty well.
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