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Water based liquids and Spectrply

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  • Water based liquids and Spectrply

    I think I mentioned this before. If you use Spectraply, be aware that the dyes they use for colors are water based and they will leach and run.

    Spectraply is the brand name for the multi--rainbow-colored plywood panels and blocks you can buy for turning or however you wish to use it. I use it a lot when making pens, wine bottle stoppers, christmas ornaments, and I can even work it into my intarsia projects, every now and then.

    Today, I was gluing up some strips I cut to make bottle stoppers and ornaments. I spilled some glue and a glob landed on a piece of Spectraply and sat there for a couple of minutes before I wiped it up. I'm using Titebond II for glue.

    As you can see from the paper towel, color from the board has leached into the glue.

    This is fun wood to play with, but be sparingly with the water based glues. The colors will smear - I've had to do extra sanding or cutting a couple of times to get past smearing.
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    My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."

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    Thanks for the warning Tony. I was looking at Spectraply I think it is real neat stuff. How does it cut?


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      Thanks for the heads up. Interesting I see the blue and green on the paper towels but not the red.
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        That could make some really intriguing fret work pieces when everything is cut at an angle. Thanks for the heads-up!
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