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  • Dowel rods

    where can i purchase dowel rods i only find red oak anyplace to buy maple or walnut

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    You might check your local Woodcraft Store, or get them online.

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      Birch dowels are the most common available ones. Amazon sells birch. I have purchased maple dowels and other items from Casey's Wood Products. They have great service.

      Woodcraft also sells dowels of various species.

      So what are you making?.
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        Casey's is a very good place to buy dowel rod and other wood products for Crafts, Have done a lot of business with them. Very nice people
        I do not work for them


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          Our Walmart sells birch dowel rods, as does Michaels, Lowes and HD. To get walnut, you will probably need to order on-line. A quick Google shows that Rockler, Woodcraft and Klingspor carry them, along with other species.
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            If I need something beside ***** or oak, I go to Woodcraft. I don't order them - when I get by a Wood craft store (about once every 3 months or so), I just pick up a few.

            I, also have plug and tenon cutters. If I just need some short ( 1 - 3 inches), I just cut them out of what ever wood I want to use.

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              Might try
              I don't have any history with them.

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