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  • Scored some Holly

    Was looking for some Aspen and found a small lumber yard a little west of Allentown, PA. When I called them, I found they didn't carry aspen, but they did carry Holly. Now, around here, I have to pay DC and Baltimore prices for Holly, which runs around $10 - $12 dollars per BF. So, I initially declined because of the expense. But, the lady, on the phone, said their prices ran around $5 per BF.

    On our trip to Connecticut, a couple weeks ago, I decided to take the route, that went past their lumber yard, on the way back. Although these folks list as being in Kempton, PA, they are out in the country. They call themselves Bailey's Wood Products, and their web page is here - .

    As it turned out, I paid about $5, average, for what I got. The board on the right is 2-3/4" thick, so it was a little more expensive.

    Nice, snow white Aspen is getting hard to find, around here. I finally had to go to Jeffries (Judy Gale Roberts' supplier) in Tennessee. They sent me a 10x8x1 board, cut into 4 pieces to fit in a 2-ft USPS "If it fits - it ships" box. The board cost me $18 and the shipping was another $18 - $36 total.

    White wood is getting expensive.
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    My Son-in-law said "Darnit, I cut this board twice, now. And it's still too short."

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    Beautiful wood, including the one little knot hole.
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      Holly and bloodwood are my favorite wood in making pens. Clear (no knots) holly is beautiful!
      Hank Lee
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        Beautiful. Groff and Groff has holly listed in their price list at $5 and up. That isn’t too far from you, is it? I go there several times a year and have never been disappointed. I also heard you can bleach holly with something to keep it white. Know what it is? Should I tell you holly trees are quite common in this area? I have some from a tree a neighbor cut down a few years ago.

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          Nice score. I see it occasionally around here but I have never bought any. Next time I go to the Hardwood Store, yes that is the name of my supplier, I will price it.
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            Awesome find. I've never found holly in the Phoenix area. Local favorites I guess. Congrats!
            Linda at


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