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Baltic birch purchase.

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  • Baltic birch purchase.

    For your amusement.

    I was getting low on material for my ornaments so went to my local distributor and bought 2 sheets 5 ft x 5 ft 3 mm(1/8) one sheet would have been fine. cost $30 for the two sheets.
    Also bought 2 sheets of my ornament stock Thin Fin 3 ply 50" x 50" at $44.70 a sheet. A dramatic cost difference between the two.

    To put it into perspective I use a 4" x 4" square for most of my ornaments. I will get 144 ornaments per sheet, sell them for $12 ea for a grand total of $1728 - $44.70 net= $1650.00 . Not bad return on the investment

    I rarely make ornaments from the 3mm it is mostly for free standing stuff. If I did, that would be $2700 a sheet.
    Now all I need to do is figure out where to store it.
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    What a problem! Space is a problem here also as my shop now is in our sons 3 car garage with one car, his tools, my tools,and many storage items. And no heat, except small propane heater. But I do enjoy what I have.
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      I understand trying to find space to store wood!!! Our shed is full, outside along the house is a 4' high stack of cherry drying, back of the shed drying rack is full, every nook and cranny in the basement is filled along with the cabinets in my sewing room!! And Bruce comes home with MORE last Wednesday. 4 boards 6/4 cherry 13" wide 5 ' long, all air dried. I think drying for 6 years qualifies for air dried. Then I go to turn the radio on and bump into 3 boards of poplar!!! I would share if you lived closer!!!

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        I don't do as well but still make out well. For me a 5x5 piece of 1/8" bb is $20. I get 120 of one of my ornaments from a sheet and I get 150 of another of my ornaments from a sheet. I sell these for $5 each and I can cut them 5 or 6 at a time or 20 to 25 an hour. Not a bad roi.
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