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    There was a posting sometime ago that suggested the possibility of using corrugated as a material for scrolling. I never quite understood it but it did get me to thinking about other materials and foam board came to mind. This is the 1/8 thick material with a paper covering on both sides that is available from the dollar store. Tried making jig saw puzzles but ran across the problem of the paper coming off the foam. Peeled off the paper and glued directly to the foam. Cut a puzzle and it worked pretty well. Clean cuts with a fine toothed blade and very, very slow blade speed. Had a problem with the pattern wrinkling on the board but I am sure that could be worked out with alternate adhesives.

    Here is a skill challenge for you. Glue pattern to a piece of foam board and try cutting it. It offers no resistance to the blade and I found it very hard to follow a line with any degree of accuracy. Seems like with every heartbeat you get a wiggle in the line you are trying to cut.

    Has anyone else tried foam board for any project and have any comments?
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    I've used 1/2" thick foamcore in two ways.

    Before I had ever used the scroll saw, I used foamcore, double thick, for custom-shaped cake boards. I cut it with a jig saw and blade that had no teeth, just a razor sharp edge. Years later, I used the scroll saw for the same purpose.

    I also used it to make velvet covered inserts for ring boxes. I found a way to make a wedge in the top face that, when covered with velvet, held a ring very nicely, and was much less expensive than the ring holders that Rockler sells.

    It's weird to cut, but a really useful crafts material. The thicker pieces are available at crafts stores.

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      As a framer, we use foam core all the time, on virtually every project. Foam core comes in several thicknesses, both white and black. There is also a pressure sensitive foam core with glue all ready on one side. Check with your local custom frame shop, they may have just what you need.
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        Wayne since it cuts easy, maybe to easily, have you tried putting a piece of scrap plywood under it? While I have yet to use foam board for puzzles I find spraying both the picture and the backer with Super 77 ensures a great hold.
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          Thanks for the ideas. I will try some type of backer.
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            Hows about using a sharpening stone against the teeth of the blade, while the saw is running to remove those little paper liften toofers? Just leave a sharp edge like Carol mentioned above.
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