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Obeeche plywood?

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  • Obeeche plywood?

    I think I spelled that right. Anybody ever use Obeeche plywood you anything? If so, can you give me your opinion on its usefulness, both on scrollsaw work and for anything else. I have a chance at getting 6 sheets (4'X8' by 1/4" thick) for $30. It appears to be pretty nice looking plywood,I think its 5 ply, its much lighter in weight compared to baltic birch, but the price has me thinking i should go back and buy it. Thoughts? Thanks, Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws

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    Never heard of it before Lucky. A quick google search shows it is from Africa and prized for its strength AND light weight. Looks like it is used to build racing boat frames...... Go for it, its just your money......
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      I have some, it's not 5 ply, it's single core. I't a marine plywood and it's ugly boring to look at. Supposed to be great for boats..not even good enough for an intarsia backer if you ask me. It does come in 5x10 sheets though.
      Jeff Powell


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        The last time I used it, I cut it into four inch strips and used it for bender board when pouring a curved sidewalk. It also works good for kindling. I would save your money. You won't be very happy with its looks.


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          I have used the wood for making 3D ornaments. It is not plywood. Very light weight, very very soft however is very pretty when finished.



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            Thanks you all for your input. The stuff is definatly 5 ply, and although the softness of it troubles me a little, the price keeps poking at my brain too.Its been a few days now, and hes got to have it out by the end of the week, so I might just stop in there and see if the price dropped any. theres also about 6 to 8 sheets of 1/4th thick red oak ply,but its that fiber core crap, so Im not real interested in it, even at (i think) $10 a sheet. I dunno, I'll pop in there and check it out more. dale
            Dale w/ yella saws


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