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  • Brittle maple

    I just bought some wood at an area sawmill and thought I got a heck of a good deal. However, I just cut a forest leaf pattern out of the 1/2" maple, and after completion I noticed a couple pieces missing. When I put a file in between a couple pieces and turned it, another piece broke out. It is extremely brittle. The guy claimed it was sugar maple. Could it be too dry? It is really crap. So much for a good deal. Of course, most of it is a little warped too.

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    Hmmm, my only guess is that it's too dry Mike. I've had that problem with oak but not with maple. Try dunking it (before you cut it) in BLO and let it dry overnight. Treat it as you would regular wood. This worked for me with the oak.
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      I was cuttng out a Christmas village and made a sharp turn and it shattered it. I put it in the burn pile.
      It was 1/4" maple.

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