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  • Veneers

    The project I'm working on involves veneering the back panel. Here's some tips on veneers.

    There's two types, backed and unbacked. a backed veneer has an adhesive, just peel and stick...but it's expensive and harder to find the that special piece that you may want.
    Veneers come as regular wood, or as a burl. A regular sheet of unbacked veneer, such as cherry, is very simple to apply. The easiest way is to simply use contact cement on both surfaces, wait for tack, and then press and roll with a rubber roller until smooth.
    Burls are rarely smooth because of the way they dry...they have no defined grain pattern and are therefore very wavy. It is possible but difficult to find backed burls that are already flattened, but they are very pricey. Spray your burl veneer 10% glyceryn %90 water solution. place brown paper down, put veneer on top the brown paper on newspaper!. Make a plywood sandwich and apply alot of weight. Change out the paper every day for 5 days and the veneer should be flattened.
    If you have to cut veneer, apply masking tape over the area to be cut and use a straightedge and ruler to cut. To join two veneers, overlay them a bit and tape them then cut.

    You must be ready when taking your burl out of the sandwich to apply it immediately. Spread it with regular slow setting wood glue, place it on the wood to be veneered and clamp it like a sandwich...let sit 24 hrs. Now plug in your iron and get a towl. put the towl on the veneer and iron out any bumps that may have occurred. Do not move too slow, because the heat will cause the glue to become untacked. You want to release the glue, but only for a second so that the bump will press down and stay stuck. now trim your edges carefully...I like to mask around the outside and then trim. Very lightly sand the veneer with 220 and call it a success.
    Jeff Powell

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    Thank you
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