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wide cedar?

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  • wide cedar?

    I have checked many sources and am unable to find anyone that has 12" wide cedar in 1/2" thickness. Maybe there isn't such a thing? Of course, redwood would also work.

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    Lots of places sell cedar that wide and much wider. While the majority is 4/4 or 5/4, most have the capability to plane or sand to desired thickness. You will have to pay for that service. Ebay sellers will offer the same services, again for a price.
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      Mike, Lowe's carries cedar in many widths, including 12" but the thickness on these boards are 1"
      The item# for a 1x12x8 is#98667

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        My favorite place for hard to find wood. A&M Wood They ship anywhere/everywhere and if they don't have it, you don't need it! LOL But then, they aren't exactly cheap either. They specialize in wood for musical instruments. The last time I was in they had several custom made tops for guitars. Book matched solid spruce blanks that were about an 1/8" X 16 X 20 (guessing on the sizes) but man was it impressive!!! You can spend hours walking through the place looking at all the 75 pound chunks of burl, 100's of sq. ft. of veneers ... and they've got it all it seems. Just thought I'd share the link as it might help. But then, it might hinder if you drool too much on your keyboard! ROTF

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          Cheapest thing to do would be to buy a fence board, then you can get cedar or redwood, and edge glue it together. That would also be the more stable way to go. for a 12" wide board you should have 4 seperate pieces with alternating cups. Looking at the endgrain of your boards you should see smile,frown,smile,frown...this way the cupping cancels itself out. the fence boards are only 3/4 thick and will need to be plained down regardless of being edge glued anyhow, so you kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

          softwoods are always less stable than hardwoods in general. Softwoods do not have the same drying rules. Hardwoods must be dried to 8 percent or less moisture, but softwoods do not...the average softwood board will typically be 10-15%. Thus an increase in instability. These are the drying rules for wholesale lumber in the USA. The difference is probably because most softwoods are used comercially for housing and outdoor use, where as hardwoods are mostly for indoor use in furniture, floors and what not.
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            nice site Andy...but they dont have blue mahoe! And I do always need it!
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              Mike, if you are looking for western red cedar how about a company that does wooden siding. You may even find that you can get some left over scrap for free and in sizes that work well for scrolling. Steve
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