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Doggies - for Gill

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  • Doggies - for Gill

    Gill, I promised one of my next projects would be doggies instead of kitties - so here it is: 'Peeping Pups' plaque with a hook to hang the canines' leashes and harnesses
    3 mm MDF on 16 mm MDF backing, painted
    and yes... I am still on the painted MDF 'kick'
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    Sue Mey

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    that is really cute sue, is the pattern one of your own..


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      I hope it isn't only for Gill!

      I love it. They look full of mischief and seem to say "Won't you take us out for a walk?"

      It's the type of reaction I get from my two German Shepperd if I happen to even brush their leash accidentally while walking by. A sort of time stopping expectation feeling.

      Thanks for sharing,
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        Thanks Steve, yes it is...

        Marcel, I had a tough time taking the photo earlier, my two Jackies saw me taking the leash and harness and would not leave me alone for a minute...yapping, begging to go walk and jumping up to grab it off the hook. In the end I had close them in so I could get the photo done!
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        Sue Mey


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          Ohhh.... it's lovely !

          I recognise that keen look of expectation only too well; it was usually accompanied by lots of jumping up and down, spinning around while I tried to harness them. It was like trying to harness the wind !

          How on earth did you get the pups to pose like that while you drew them ?

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            I love it. That is really a neat idea. You can't copyright ideas, can you?

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              Really nice, Sue. I like the dog lead hanger idea.

              I've seen that somewhere before - Yesterday I just added that to my list of patterns to order next from Wooden Teddy Bear - hadn't realises it was yours .. thought I guess that's what the SM on the code is

              Is the pattern for the cat breaking out of a box that you posted a couple of weeks ago available for sale?

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                Ian, all my patterns are handled by WTB, you can email and ask them for the title 'Peeping Kitty'.

                Gill, it took many "beenos" and other titbits, but I managed in the end (wink)
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                Sue Mey


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                  I thought my dogs were the only ones that went crazy whenever I pulled their harnesses out of the drawer! I practically have to shut one in a different room so I can put the harness on the other one they get so excited. That is a cute pattern, I'll have to make something like that for my dogs.

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                    very cute!
                    Jeff Powell


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                      great job on an ingenious design, how could we expect any less from you Sue

                      Once again outstanding
                      Now if you could do one of my sons leaving home....never mind.
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