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was I so wrong???

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  • was I so wrong???

    Well, it was 2 degrees F out this morning, and dropping since. I have about 75 bf of walnut lumber downstairs, but none over 13/16th thick. I know I have a couple boards thick in the garage, but its to cold to dig it from the pile. So, I warmed up the truck, and headed off to a hardwood lumber supplier. Sure, I found a lot of nice thick stuff there, and I already know about the dangers in buying rough lumber, but I really need a small amount a little over 1 inch thick for an intarsia piece I am attempting. So yea, I looked through the 'shorts', but nothing I liked, it was all 90%sapwood. I then went to the #1 common grade boards, and they were very rough,knots everywhere, checking, ect. So I went to the 5/4 sel.and better walnut. Lots of nicer quality boards. I dont mind paying for quality, so I dug out two pieces as possible intarsia parts.
    One employee came by, and I described what I needed, and asked if he could run it through the planer once so I could see how it looked. He looked at me totally puzzled, and said "You want this planed?" To that I replied "I need it as thick as possible, and will want it one passed through the sander (to save me time), but I want to see it after one planer pass first." Again, with a totally puzzled look, he said "You want this ran through the sander after planing?" At that point, I bit my tongue, because who would sand it first, THEN plane it??????????????? I replied "yes, but let me see the piece after you run it through the planer."
    So while he took the piece to the back, I rummaged around looking at some nice curly red oak, and stuff like that. It took him about 5 to 10 minutes before he came back with my walnut. It was planed, AND was sanded nicely, but he did not show me it after one passing it, and he had it down to just under 7/8 inch thick.The board had bug holes and some mineral deposit staining throughout, as well as about 20% sapwood on one end, and a 12 inch split going through the center. For a unique piece, it would be an attractive board, but for my needs it was no good. Trust me, the board was totally useless to make much intarsia out of. I told the guy the board was useless to me, and asked why he didnt one pass it and show me like I asked, and to that he said "you picked the board out yourself." well, I told him it was useless, and Id go get a different one, and he can one pass it and show me before going any farther, when he went and got the boss.
    I had a few runins with his boss in the past, so i knew it was hopeless. I asked him to look at the board, and honestly tell me if it was select and better grade, and explained to him that I dont want the piece. He replied "thats why we let you pick out your own lumber. You chose the board and had the machining done on it." When I told him it was useless to me, and that i dont want it,he told me "now I am losing money, because it is now a 4/4 board, you picked the lumber yourself, I will sell it to you at the #1 common price." I again explained what was told to the guy milling it, and that it is useless to me in its current state and that I do not want it, and asked if they could one pass a different piece through the planer so I could confirm thats what I wanted, to which he said " No you had milling done on this ,now you dont want it, and I am losing money on this piece now that you chose." I told him I dont mind paying for the milling, and I dont mind paying for a good piece, but I will not buy that piece as it is useless to me." He just looked at me stubbornly, so I said "I will go elsewhere as I know of more then one place to buy hardwood lumber," and I walked out empty handed (I even forgot to buy my Bartleys gel varnish!). So back home, and I dug out a 2 1/4 thick piece from the garage and resawed it and ran it through the performax because I dont feel like driving to Badger hardwoods today, its just to windy and nasty outside.
    So, was I obligated to purchase that walnut board, or was I right in leaving without it? Either way, I still am glad I didnt buy it (btw, it was $5.18 a board foot ) . Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws

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    Personally Dale the customer is always right and since you had told him that you wanted to see it before he ran it through the planer then thats what he should have done but didnt , and the board doesnt sound like like it was much use for anything after that and I would have done the same thing and walked out with nothing , nothing to be obligated to as he didnt do what you asked him to .
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      Dale I think you were right on buddy, the employee did not follow your instructions so IMHO you weer not oblogated to purchase his screwup nuff said heheh lol
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        Dale - I'm with you on your decision. First - they are not losing money. Second - as Charlie stated "the customer is always right". That is if they want your business again. Third - a 1/64" planer pass is not a monetary loss on their part and certainly won't bring it down from 5/4 to under 7/8???.

        Paul S.


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          I must applaude you for sticking to your guns and not paying for that piece. I'm new to all this wood stuff, but you knew exactly what you were looking for and gave the first guy specific instructions that he disregarded. If he did show you the piece after he put it through the planer, you would have saved him the effort of sanding it and getting the boss. Also, if the first guy planed it properly he wouldn't have taken off 5/8". So, the employee is the one who is costing anyone money, not you. I'm glad you walked out but sorry you forgot your varnish.

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            You weren't the one who was wrong Dale........
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              I agree with everyone else, you were not wrong. I wonder if he even showed you the same board. Seems strange that it ended up thinned that much.

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                You did good in my book. It sounds like they wanted you to pay top dollar for their scrap anyway. I would have walked out also. Steve
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                  Dale, you done just what I reckon Trev would do in the situation. Good on you for sticking to your guns! Hope your weather warms up a bit for your next trip out.
                  Cheers. Teresa .


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                    I think you were dead right, Mike - for that kind of price you want decent wood... and decent service ...

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                      The scariest part of this whole thing is that someone that dumb has access to power tools, hehehehe.
                      Ya done right Dale.

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                        I am a customer service Branch Manager . I am appalled at the behaviour of the associate and the stupid-viser . The customer is always right ( well up to $500 anyway ) . You plainly stated what services you required as a customer . Focus is the key to service and it sounds like the associate was woefully lax in this regard. I loathe their us-against-them mentality as well and will write up an associate in a heartbeat for it. You were absolutely justified in walking away . I would have done the same thing ( or worse ). I am grateful for a customer who plainly states his/her needs ( so many don't ) . It's a shame that this proprietor doesn't recognize a good customer when they see one . There's nothing wrong with " minding the store " , but never at the expense of the customer. Ya done good sir ....sleep well at nite
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                          Well, I didnt lose any sleep over it, just a little gas and time. And I will always remember that trip there when I'm pointing people to a place to get wood for their projects. Dale
                          Dale w/ yella saws


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                            You know what's worse? Being a woman and trying to get wood planed or sanded or whatever. If you're a new customer, they look at you and treat you like you have no concept of what you're talking about or want. Every time I go somewhere new to get wood and Bruce is with me, they ALWAYS defer to him as to what is wanted and how it is to be done. He just says, "And what makes you think I'm the one wanting the wood? If it ain't cherry or oak, I have no idea what it is! I'm just here to carry the stuff, ask my wife." Some of them get really stupid looks on their face at that point. The best way to get even is in their pockets!! GOOD JOB!!


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                              I've had that same problem with auto shops as well as that big orange box store.

                              I drive a pick-up but whenever I take it somewhere for work, they assume the truck is the hubby's. No nit-wit, it's mine. I was telling you what the problem was so why in the world did you explain what needs/needed to be done to my hubby. He always looks at them and says, "don't talk to me, it's her truck." It makes me so stinking mad.

                              I recently had a problem with some punk kid at an auto parts store. They didn't have the oil filter I prefer to use. So I said I would go someplace else for the filter. As I was walking out the door he made a snotty comment that he would use the other brand, it was better. I took everything I had just bought and returned it for my money back. I told him I didn't let my 17 year old son talk to me that way, I sure wasn't going to put up with it from some clerk in a store.

                              Same thing at HD. They look at me like I'm an idiot and don't have a clue what I need. Heck, I usually know more than those snotty nosed kids they have working there, cause they sure don't know anything about what they're selling.
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