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  • Cypress

    Anybody ever use cypress for intarsia/segmentation? There's a cypress-only lumberyard down the road from me, but I didn't know how easy it would be to work with and to stain--my two choices for wood right now are BORG pine and cedar. I like the pine a lot, but I'm willing to upgrade if cypress might be better.

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    I've used cypress for fretwork and finds it cuts REAL easy. Given that it is rot resistant like cedar and used for siding - both painted and stained, I'd bet it would be fine for intarsia/segmentation. Type Cypress in Google and you'll get a ton of info!
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      Let me take a guess and say that Magpie lives in florida ?

      I don't know much about cypress, but I think it's a softwood tree. I'm not researching, just guessing. We have the bald cypress here in michigan and it's a softwood/pine tree, and a very ugly tree at that. the needles always are falling off..thus the ugly bald dead looking tree it is. Are the two trees related, I wouldn't know for sure.

      If your in Florida, I'd suggest finding some citrus. You have a fantastic selection of oranges, lemons and grapefruits. I'm jealous. If you search around you'll find some of those hardwoods, which are fantastic and they work really nice, cut and sand well. Lemon is one of the traditional choices, along with olive and Holly for intarsia and marquetry back in the 1600's. Grapefruit is a beautiful wood...grays and blue's in that. As a matter of fact, do some searching around on the internet and find some for me. I know for sure there is a guy in homestead that mills his own local hardwoods that he gets from local tree trimmers. I bought some blue mahoe from him one time.
      Jeff Powell


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        There's a link to Mark Butler. This is one of my most favorite lumber suppliers. He is in Florida and can find you the most insane of local exotics. This is a very awesome source for anyone looking to expand their wood collection. Even if you are not looking for wood, I recommend visiting his website, which of course I'm not in any way affiliated with. I just love wood, and his lumberyard turns me on.
        Jeff Powell


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          The sidding on the front of my house is Cypress vertical plank and batten 5/4
          I had to replace a few at $75 a plank 10" by 10 ft by 3/4
          I saved some of the old planking and have cut 3d bits with it.
          It does cut easily and has a nice grain.
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            I love cutting cypress, esp. quartersawn wood. It cuts easy, seems stable and has a nice smell. You do have to be careful about shake in the wood.

            I'll have to disagree about the tree's aesthetics; I find it a beautiful tree, especially in the fall when the leaves turn to a rich red-gold color, and it has a nice stringy bark. Put some spanish moss on it, & you've got that traditional southern swamp look. It looks even better when it's several feet in diameter, too:-).


            David Griffin
            Tuliptree Craft


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              I do live in Florida! I'm just bummed because I can't find a real lumberyard around here close to me--the cypress-only lumberyard is my best lead so far. I know the BORG stuff is not the greatest. I went down to the builder's supply yard and they only had one row of wood, with a couple of pieces of redwood and a couple boards of beautiful white poplar, which were $25 apiece (sigh). That Tavernier site looks great, amazing wood, but it's 400 miles from here-- I am gonna write him though and see what I can get. That stuff is just too pretty.

              Thanks all


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                use the may help lead you to more sources in your area. I think there is someone not too far away with lumber almost anywhere you go. Even in the desert with almost no trees anywhere, there are some of the greatest lumber stores.
                Jeff Powell


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