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  • Aircraft Plywood

    ??? Your article on Spiral Ornaments indicates aircraft plywood for supplies. What is the difference from Baltic birch or Italian Poplar vers airplane plywood? Also where can I purchase airplane plywood?? I love the challange of new projects in your Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine.. Keep up the great work. RoseMary Pernie

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    Re: Aircraft Plywood

    I'm certain someone more informed than I will soon answer you.
    I 'think' the birch and poplar both have a tendency to break because of one grain direction. The plywood is a 'stack' of glued together, thin layers of wood with the grain running in different directions.
    Because I buy only the thinnest plywood - 1/64'. 1/32' & a bit of 1/16' - I buy from
    I think you'll find less expensive aircraft plywood at Loew's or places like that.


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      Re: Aircraft Plywood

      Aircraft plywood is a premium grade plywood. Has thinner plys, but more of them for a given thickness. It looks alot like baltic birch or Italian poplar plywoods but is stronger and more consistent (also more expensive). Try any model shop that handles powerd model airplanes, in particular the radio controlled variety.


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        Re: Aircraft Plywood

        Thanks for the information. i've had a lot of people calling in asking about the aircraft plywood, and I've been giving them your answear.



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          Re: Aircraft Plywood

          Ahh, shucks! Blush....


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