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Drilling pilot holes in projects

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  • Drilling pilot holes in projects

    What is a method or (methods)to prevent breakout on the reverse of a project when drilling pilot holes.
    Many methods I have tried,and still seem to have problems at times...
    Thanks Bob.
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    its a good idea to place a piece of scrap wood underneath and if your using a drill press drill the holes at the highest speed setting and don't force the bit throught the wood
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      Bob, unless it is a large breakout it shouldn't matter because that piece will be cut out. I always place a scrap piece under the one to be drilled and don't "punch" the bit through the wood, just "ease" it through.
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        What Daryl said...... A waste piece for a backer and drilling at a high speed really cuts down on tear out. A sharp, quality drill bit helps too!
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