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Buying wood from a salvage company.

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  • Buying wood from a salvage company.

    Browns Lumber is in Spokane Wa. I went dropped in looking for some cheep wood to learn on. I found lots of 1/4 in hemlock floor boards about 5 in wide and 6 feet long. I've been scrolling lots of things from it. It' works great for simple scrolling, but when I've tried some of the bird in a leaf patterns I tend to break something during cleanup.

    I'm going back there today looking for some Oak boards or plywood.

    See if you have a place in your town that buys used, or leftovers from construction sites. Great stuff!
    John Patrick, Bird Oasis
    Using Dewalt DW788. Working on a new line of birdhouses and bird feeders for the store.

    I welcome any and all ideas for bird friendly scrolling.

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    Personally, for the leaf patterns, I think you'd be better off using something a bit thicker. I scrolled the eagle with 1/4" BB and it looked OK but some of the areas are a bit fragile, especially considering you don't have a tremendous amount of wood left on the complete project. I also just finished the deer head from 1/2" curly maple. It is much stronger and looks a lot better. I think next time I will try 3/8" in probably red oak. After viewing the difference, I believe 3/8" might be sufficient. I know Dale (Lucky788) scrolls his out of

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      I hadn't thought of going thicker. I guess I liked the look of the thinner stuff. But if thicker will help, then thicker it is.

      John Patrick, Bird Oasis
      Using Dewalt DW788. Working on a new line of birdhouses and bird feeders for the store.

      I welcome any and all ideas for bird friendly scrolling.


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        I do cut a lot of those using 1/2 inch thick, and sometimes 5/8 thick. The shadows cast from the cuts makes them look much nicer on a little thicker wood in my opinion. They dont look as ummmm, flat . I dont really know the right word Im thinking of, like more depth or something. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Wood for birds in the leaf patterns

          I agree with Dale. I have made many of the bird in the leaf patterns. My wife is a bird lover. I have found 1/2" stock works the best. I have used red oak, hard maple, and ash. Since you are just starting out I think you might want to try ash. It has nice grain and it is a bit easier to work with then the other two.

          Good luck....Scott
          Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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            Dale, they look a little more three dimensional out of 5/8" stock. That is what I used on all of my leaves in the " Gallery of Little Leaves" by Steviegwood. Mike mine are out of redoak as well. They are alot stronger and it cuts well with the PGT #7 that I am using. Steve
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              It's getting repetitive I know, but red oak and 1/2 inch here too for the leaves I've done .. I've only had a couple of problems with one where the edge of one leaf came apart along the grain .. a weak piece in the wood? It wasn't a big deal - bit of wood glue and it was impossible to see it had even been broken.

              As far as blades go I've been using a combination of #5 and #3 SR from FD.

              Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                Going the route of recycled lumber is a great idea, I've had issues with some things I've gotten but for the most part for things other than the puzzles works great!

                cutting up one piece at a time


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                  I get a lot of cutoffs from a local furniture manufacturer...most are more than 2" thick, but usually less than 6" long. You'd be surprised what you can make out of something like that, though, with a little creativity!



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