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Walnut in your Plywood?

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  • Walnut in your Plywood?

    Just watching the History Channel (about nuts). They mentioned that their are some company's that use Walnut Shells in there Plywood for filler. Interesting for sure... but then I though... I wonder what that would do to a person who is allergic to nuts and they are cutting it? (I know, use a mask.) But still could this be even worse for the one who is allergic?

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    I wonder what that would do to a person who is allergic to nuts and they are cutting it? (I know, use a mask.) But still could this be even worse for the one who is allergic?
    Grizz, it is my understanding that walnuts are the onlynuts that don't affect someone with a nut allergy.

    Trevor uses ground walnut shell (very finelygound) as a filler in some of his turnings. Just drizzle it in and pour cover with a few drops of super glue which seeps into it. Works very well.
    Cheers. Teresa .


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      The company I work for is one of the biggest pet supply warehouses in the country and we sell crushed walnut shells as bedding for lizards. I know it's also used to sandblast our trailers before re-painting.

      Your allergy question is interesting, because if your allergic to a nut, are you also allergic to the shell? and what about the wood itself? Disregarding the remark about walnuts not being the same as all other nuts, true or not, It's all interesting to me. I do know alot of people are allergic to Walnut sawdust, and I know that even if you are not, walnut is a calalizer, meaning that mixing it with another dust can possibly cause chemical pneumonia.
      If I was allergic to pecan's, would I be allergic to pecan and hickory sawdust? And what about oak...oak has nuts (no pun intended!)?
      OH, and then there's coconuts, lol. Are people allergic to coconuts? I have some palm wood that's pretty cool.
      Jeff Powell


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