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  • BB Ply Qestion

    I am cutting (or trying to) the lichterbogen. I found a couple of sheets of 1/8 BB ply in my stash and started. I am getting a lot of tear out or delamination, especially around sharp points. I don't recall where I got this wood but it doesn't seem to good.

    My Question: I see both Baltic Birch and Finnish Birch advertised. The Finnish is supposed to have waterproof glues but my real question is the Finnish stuff a better quality all around? It is disappointing to cut something and have the wood spoil it.

    Where do you folks get your ply?


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    Sloan's Woodshop is highly regarded, and they have good prices for both kinds.

    I have tried Finnish birch (from elsewhere) and didn't like it, but I think I got off-brand. It was warped and cut hard, with the glue lines burning. Finnish birch is a step up from BB because it is always flawless on both sides. I'd try Sloan's or Aircraft Spruce if I were to buy again.

    Real BB comes in 5' X 5' sheets, while Chinese knockoffs are 4' X 8'. BB I have had (bought locally) has been nice wood to cut.



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      I agree, Sloan's has the best prices that I've found anywhere. They also don't over charge on shipping, a real plus. They generally ship out within 24 hours.

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        Where are you located? I've got some top grade BB ply here. 20 by 30 inch pieces. I have some in 1/8th, 1/4th inch thicknesses.I can part with a few pieces if you need some for a reasonable charge. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          I have always had good luck with the Finnish BB from Scroller LTD. at
          Mick, - Delta P-20

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