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Jatoba and Nogal

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  • Jatoba and Nogal

    Am I right in thinking that Jatoba -brazilian cherry - will darken with age as cherry does?

    And does anyone know anything about nogal?

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    Both those names sound like a CB Designs pattern

    Check out this link for nogal info, well pictures at least. This is the biggest collection of wood pictures I have seen yet.
    I know it has become popular for wood flooring recently.
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      wood info from

      Date (Aleurites moluccana) (Acrot, Candlenut, Lumbang, Nogal, Ragua, and Wild date) Date wood is commonly used for crates, construction, veneer, exterior and interior furniture, millwork, shingles and wooden shoes. Date trees are found throughout India, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Date wood dries slowly and is prone to cupping and twisting. The sawdust is an irritant and may be toxic. Date wood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Date wood works best with very sharp tools.

      Jatoba: Brazilian Cherry. Very hard, deep red with some brown and black, occasional golden tones.

      I've used Jatoba, nice stuff, hard, and turns brown over time. Never used Date (Nogal) so cannot comment.
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        I have a piece of Nogal. I think it's african Walnut, but I never used it. It's one of those pieces of wood I keep stashed but don't use because I like it just the way it is. I have a cabinet full of wood that I don't use because I like it just the way it is, go figure. I think that's my wood collection, and every so often I pull some out and look at it, then put it back because...well I don't know, I just want it to be a board ?
        Jeff Powell


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          Thanks for the links Carl and Bearfretworks - interesting sites. Found another couple of sites which calls the Nogal "tropical walnut" which seems nearer to Jeff's info.

 and ( I think the latter has been mentioned on here before)

          Both of the pieces I mentioned I got were just from a "scrap" bin at the one of hardwood lumber places in Halifax.

          The jatoba is hard but cuts nicely and looks good with just a coat of tung oil on but the nogal looks a little "flat" - and it has been making me sneeze and my eyes itch!!!! Think I might avoid it!

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            American walnut is a cause of concern for allergies with alot of people, so perhaps Nogal does the i just look at my piece of nogal, and use american walnut. Also, you may not be allergic to walnut, but when the dust mixes with another wood, lets say oak, then it can become a catalyst that makes the walnut dust active. It can be very dangerous and cause chemical pneumonia which could kill you, so be careful with woods of all kinds, especially mixed together. There's alot of articles out and about on these situations.
            Jeff Powell


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