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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

    Just a quick question - where can I buy blank stock 1/4 in. and up.. I'm into fretwork but local stores only have pieces 4 in wide. I like to make scenery and portraits and while 1/4 ply is nice -- the thin veneer chips off in the most intricate parts being cut, and yes I am using sharp/new blades.

    Also I see some patterns where I cannot fathom how he / she cut such a small area - what is the smallest blade out there?

    This is a great place to learn - just don't know if my work is up to your guys standard..

    Jeff - Evergreen Park, Il

    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your post/request/question.
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    Hey Jeff,

    There are a number of internet sources for wood. Click on the Scroll Saw Resources link over in the left margin of your screen, then select Retailers. There will be some wood sources there. I've never bought wood anywhere other than locally, so I can't vouch for anyone in particular, but it's a place to start.

    Have you tried using Baltic Birch plywood instead of veneered ply? A lot of scrollers use it for portraits. It isn't as attractive as hardwood veneered ply, but it's stability and plain looking grain works very well for highly detailed and intricate cutting. I've never had any trouble with the veneer splintering with Baltic Birch.

    As for blades, probably the smallest blade that is commonly used is a #2/0. There are smaller blades, but the #2/0 is small enough for just about any general scrolling project. There are smaller blades, but they are used more for specialty applications like puzzles and jewelry.
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      Finding reasonably priced wide stock can prove difficult. I often have to glue boards to make the size I want, but there again I rarely buy wood, just beg other people's waste.


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        Thanks for the helpful info - I just ordered some 2/0 blades and will research the baltic birch ply... I get all the 3/4 in pine I can handle, I work in a machine shop and alot of our stock comes in 13' boxes made of 3/4 in. pine - they just throw it away and I pick it up. Once sanded and staples removed it's pretty good to work with.. most important it's FREE

        Have A Great Day -- and saw, saw , saw


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