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    I was going through garage sale day in Dayton Ohio this weekend and stumbled upon 2 boxes of lumber that were for sale. Of course, I had to have them and they payed off. It is mostly 2 inch stock and other large blocks. I do have a couple questions though. I have never worked with Balsa, Butternut, and Spanish Cedar and I now have some! Is there any thing I need to know for these woods, especially the Butternut. Also, there are a few small scraps of a red wood. They are bright red have dense grain. It is not dark enough for Bloodwood so what other red, exotic woods are there?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!

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    The wood species Bubinga, African Rosewood has a janka hardness rating of 1980. It is red in color and the sawdust will a lot of times be the color of red bricks.
    Butternut is sometimes known as White Walnut although it is softer then regular walnut it finishes well.
    Balsa is light and works easily
    Spanish Cedar you need to wear a dust mask or should anyway when working with this wood. It is commonly used in cigar humidors.

    It sounds like you got a great deal at that garage sale. Hope this helps a bit.

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      I used to get appaltong from pallets from the far east. It is red in color and quite hard with a uniform and tight grain pattern. I once made an entire glider seat with it. You may have some of that.
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        I love working with spanish cedar , DW is right the dust mask is a must spaish cedar will leave very bitter nasty taste in your mouth.
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          Thanks for the info!


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