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Choosing wood for a chess set

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  • Choosing wood for a chess set

    I'm scrolling a chess set for my oldest son. The pieces will be cut from 1 1/2" stock; oversized I know, but that's what he wants. I've chosen cherry for the dark pieces but I'm at a loss as to what wood to use for the light pieces. I want something (hardwood) with little or no noticable colored grain, but I want it fairly easy to machine. Any suggestions will be more than welcome.



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    Maple comes to mind.
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      Poplar is pretty soft and light grained and is relatively easy to cut. I haven't cut any holly so I don't know how easy or hard it is work with but I did see some at my wood store a while ago and it was white with no grain at all, I am going to pick some up next time I get over there, but the store is only open from 8 to 4 M-F... hard to get there when your working.

      Remember that cherry will "burn" or scorch easily.
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        Dave; I used walnut for the dark and ash for the light. The ash does have grain, I used the white part of the ash. When I cut the ash I used a olsen # 5 precision blade, it stopped the burning. Don


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          I used walnut and oak for my chess set. If you are set on cherry, maybe use that for light and go with cherry and walnut?


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            Well . . I settled on walnut and maple. Would have liked to use the cherry but didn't want to take a chance on burning what with all the intricate curves, etc.

            Thanks Guys


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