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  • Merbau?

    Has anyone worked with merbau before? I was able to get it at my local hardwood shop, but they seem to have run out, and I'm having trouble finding it online.

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    From online searches.

    Merbau is an wood imported from Indonesia and surrounding areas and is used a lot for parquet flooring because it is termite resistant and very, very hard - 50% harder than red oak. According to it's specs I'm not sure you would want to scroll with it because it dulls even carbide tipped blades!

    If the thickness and width you require does not exceed that use by flooring manufacturers you can find it at the following supplier

    The Merbau Tree - Merbau Hardwood Useful Information : Academy Floor Supply | Discount Hardwood Flooring | Hardwood Floor Repair | Flooring Supplies

    Failing that it can be found in Australia where it is used often for decking.
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      Try motorcycle dealers....Sometimes the products are shipped in crates framed with it. At least they used to be. Good luck.


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        I've been using it a lot lately, as my son brought me the leftovers from a deck he built. Merbau is a trade name for red balau, and it has a WONDERFUL coloring -- burgundy red with gold highlights. I had it cut down to 1/4 in thickness and have no problems at all cutting it -- I don't recommend trying to stack cut, though. I run it through a planer and get a really smooth surface. Apparently my son got this stuff at a lumber yard.
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