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Possible place to get cheap wood.

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  • Possible place to get cheap wood.

    Here in our little town the School is the largest employer. And ofcourse they have shop class. The kids build their projects and many times there are leftover hard woods and plywood (1/4 mahogany) they will put back till they decide to clean out the shop.

    Well I was talking to the instructor the other day and he pointed to a loft in the shop class that was full of lumber, plywood. ect.
    He said that I could have what I wanted of the stuff they were going to burn.
    What a waste.
    So next week I will be there with a smile and empty pickup bed.
    Got some great oak pieces out of the trash about 3 1/2 feet long and 5 inches wide.

    It is amazing what the school throws away.
    At the end of a year (may) the teachers will toss out paper, pencils, even area rugs.
    Ofcourse the kids throw out their binders and some calculators.
    Free if we are there.


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    Where ya' live chief? I'll bring my truck and help ya'.
    Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
    Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.


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      That's great and depressing at the same time that our taxes get burned up like that. When I used to deliver to GM, they recieved crates made of 3/4 4x8 sheets of plywood. They had a huge grinder that they grinded up all the plywood so that no employees could take it. That's a depressing site.
      I used to live in a small town in canada where they had a bowling alley factory. The cut-offs were put into crates and placed outside, the wood was sold to the public for $10 a crate. it was all maple, and kiln dried. one crate was enough to fill a pick up truck twice.
      Jeff Powell


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        Wow maple up there.. We use Oak here for flooring.
        but I dont know about the bowling alley stuff.
        Sounded like it was a great deal.
        Even if it had stuff that had to be burnt.
        I have wood heat here and have gotten some pine from building sights to start a fire with. It was given to me but it is a shame that after I got all I needed the rest went to the landfill.

        Even had some western cedar. I use it to cut out peoples names.

        I imagine there is alot of free wood out there but finding it may be the hard part.

        I also carve and some of the wood used in someof the shipping pallets they used bass wood.
        Great stuff for carving
        What I really would like to find is some aspen limbs to make some walking sticks out of.
        dont have any around here. Maybe some day I will get rich enough to go to Colo to get some. LOL



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          Ya'll are making me cry. . .
          Mark Abbett


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            I think it's insane that these places care not one iota about burning leftover wood or shredding plywood so no one can have it and yet begin ranting about wasting resources if you throw a piece of paper in the trashcan rather than the recycle bin!!!

            I hate stupid people.


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              place to get wood

              If any of you live around any veneer mills thats a great place to get wood after they slice a log down into veneer there is a board left over and it can be any were from 6ft to 14 ft long and 14in to 31 in wide all the logs have to be cook at very hot temps and removes all the sap anf breakes down all the fiber in the wood . I have 18 piles out side that is sticked and air dried it is cherry ash walnut maple and red and white oak , they have one slicer that cutes in a round motion and what is left over is a half round core they are nice i remolded my master bed room and master bath in it and it looks like a solid cherry log cabin on the inside .
              just thought i let you all know this

              The indiana saw man


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