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    Hi everyone its been awhile since I posted here, alot going on the last few months,I would like to know if anyone on this forum has used any of these woods for scrolling or on a bandsaw[ teak, lacewood,purpleheart] if so can u post photos so myself and others can see finished work.I can get this wood in my area but it is not cheap,and being on pension I don't want to buy something I won't use. Any help will be most welcome.

    Remember keep your blades sharp and your fingers safe
    Remember keep your blades sharp and your fingers safe

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    Here is a close up on the center of a Last Supper picture I did. Jesus' rode is Purple Heart and his hands and face are Lacewood.
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      I use a lot of purpleheart, yellowheart, lacewood, bloodwood and other dense woods for intarsia because of the colors. I haven't used teak.



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        Purpleheart is a bear to cut, but the end results are worth it. Lacewood is easy enough and a very unique wood. Teak is one of the few woods I have never worked with. Mainly due to it being highly resinous.


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          It is nice to build up a nice assortment of different woods. For most projects you don't need large quantity but it is really nice to have choices when doing intarsia. That small piece of special color in the right place can take a project from so so to WOW. The robe in the image above is a great example of that.
          If you can find a custom cabinet shop ask if you can pick through their scraps.
          I have wenge,bocote,lacewood, spanish cedar, walnut, curly maple from a connection to such a place (Free). Unfortunately they are no longer in business.
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            Here is a purplehart box I made. Only thing I can add is that there can be, (and is, in my case) a large difference in color between 1/4" and 1/2" thick or larger pieces.


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