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What cloth is best for a back ground on a cutting?

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  • What cloth is best for a back ground on a cutting?

    Just wondering what every one has found to be the best for gluing behind a wood cutting as well as what gives the best appearance.Cotton or silk etc?

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    I use felt squares myself. Silk is prone to snagging on those little splinters you may over look.
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      You can use anything that works for you. I use a square of foam that I found at Michael's craft store here. It's about 12 inches x 16 inches & works real nice for me. Also, they come in different colors too. I mostly use black. I have also used a felt, but, can't find it any more. Some use a 1/8 in. baltic birch ply & paint it black or whatever is necessary. Good Luck


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        I use the felt squares (not square 8X10 1/2) from Wall Mart for 20 cents each. Been doing it for years and never a problem. But I also use Glass to cover the Shadow Work. They do collect dust.
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          Black felt I bought a whole bolt for 10 dollars a couple years ago at a fabric store just after Halloween. I may never run out.
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            I mostly use felt but am always trying different things. Hard to believe but one of the nicest I used behind a Jesus with Cross picture was 150 grit maroon colored sandpaper! You never know what works best. The sandpaper idea came from just laying the cutting down on it while looking for something else,


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              I've used all sorts of things, but mostly I have bits of cloth from an old New England fabric store that's been around since I can remember. My Mom and Grandma used to go there to get stuff to make clothes with. (ok, that shows my
              I use maroon, black, and grey mostly. I got them in the bargain dept. for next to nothing....

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                I mostly use 1/16 ply which I can paint in any color I want. I even paint different parts, different colors to highlight different parts of a cutting. It also allows me to glue the cutting to the backer. That said, I am open to using cloth or felt, or even paper to back a picture.

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                  I also use felt. If it gets dusty, just use a small piece of painters tape to clean it. Cleans without pulling thr fibers up.



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                    I have used felt even different colors on the same piece, painted backgrounds and fabric that I swiped from my mothers sewing room. I would not use paper as it tends to fade in light.


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                      When I have a 'floating' cutting, i.e. one that is not a fill of a frame, I have used scrap booking paper in the same theme for the backing.

                      Here is a sample.


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                        Qlty , thanks for the question . I had not considered the use of other material for backing other than wood .


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                          Hey! That works! hehe nice idea, looks really good.
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