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    Hi Ladies and Gents, Im in the UK and at the minute am very limited to where I can buy my supply of wood. I had to resort to buying from ebay, and the pieces are a little thicker than I would like. However, they're still useable. Does anyone purchase wood online, specifically thinner pieces. Im after anything really, however poplar, oak and baltic ply are my preference. If not online, im in nottinghamshire, so clutching at straws... anyone know of a good local supplier? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Luke..
    So far I've found that here in the UK timber merchants are far to expensive and also their postage charges are a joke.

    For ply and 4" strips I use$4-Materials/

    Bigger stuff I use ebay and resaw it if necessary (either my self if it will fit in my bandsaw or ask the seller to do it)


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      I, too, buy decent ply at Hobby shops (many sell by the sheet). If you can get there there is no postage. As for other wood, I rarely buy British hardwood. There is a bespoke joinery shop about two miles from my home, who lets me have small offcuts (for a donation to their tea fund), big offcuts for cheap, MDF and ply for nothing. I also have a friend who is a theatre designer, set builder and prop maker who gives me lots of his leftovers, too. Ask around, you will be surprised at what you can find.

      For exotics, I go to various timber merchants who specialist. You need to "Google" them for your area or any area you visit that may supply.

      Good Luck

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            This is an old age problem obtaining hardwood in the UK. The last lot I bought came from the US which was dirt cheap compared to the UK, only trouble is after shipping charges and import V.A.T and post office handling charges I ended up paying more than twice the cost of the actual timber.

            Now I have a Planer /Thicknesser which my wife bought me for a special birthday so now I can obtain off cuts from a local joiners shop.I can now plane and thickness to any required dimension.


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              aye get mine from alwayshobbies too, for pyrography in the past I bought full sheets of 6mm Birch faced ply, and have them cut into eight pieces for easy transport. Now trying to get into scrolling and pyro I have sitched to 3mm bfp, but finding sheets has been difficult, so again I went to alwayshobbies.

              There are woodturner supplies for many differing woods like, but have not realy looked at that properly yet, though it may be more geared to turners. And I have no rely decent way to cut down large blanks.

              There is this UK workshop wood Suppliers listing, so may be worth checking all the links here. UK Workshop Wood Suppliers Listing
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                I am really amazed at how hard it is for you folk in the UK to obtain good wood to work with. Is there a shortage of trees that are being cut for this use? I know I have a hard time finding allot of woods I would like to use, but I live on an Island in the middle of the Ocean and expect that. What would be do without the use of the internet...just need the $$ to pay for the high cost of shipping. I am very thankful for the wood that are grown here I can obtain..even if it does cost an arm and a leg at times


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                  How ironic that someone who lives in the county where Robin Hood and his Merrie Men would repair to the green woods can't find any quality timber. Of course, you could always take a slice off the Major Oak...

                  There's a very good timber merchant about an hour down the M1 from you at Nether Heyford called (appropriately enough) Good Timber. I find it worth the drive there across country from my home in Worcestershire (which also lacks a good timber merchant) and it has been known for a gang of other well-known woodworkers from Nottingham to organise themselves into shopping parties. No names, no pack drill, but once they bought wood by the pallet load and then realised their van wasn't big enough to cart their purchases home! Oh, and there are some pubs in the area which provide tasty refreshments. It's very pleasant to sit outside a pub by the canal, munching lunch and imagining what you are going to do with all the new wood and tools you have just acquired .
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                    Im in the UK and at the minute am very limited to where I can buy my supply of wood.

                    Hi lukenotts1,
                    I'm not resident of UK. I'm from Ukraine, but i can recommend to check next site
                    Model Boat Timber from Cornwall Model Boats,
                    where you can find some interesting wood pieces.



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                      Lukenotts - Try Burghley House Estate near Grantham Lincs,. They cut their own timber from the estate and have a workshop on site - Contact the estate office - they been a going concern since the 16th century !!
                      You been to the local re-cycling centre , A posh name for the Tip. Got a hard wood door after the local Police visited. You have to ask . it cost nothing !! SAm


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                        hi all i found that if i go to my local woodturning shop they have wood blanks to0 small for turning and i get them for a cheep price and they even cut them to 1/8 to 2" thick for me and end up with a pile of all kinds of wood so what i am saying check out your wood turning shop i live in stoke-on-trent and there are 4 in my airey


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