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    I'm new to this so here goes.
    I have a couple of elk antlers that i wouldlike to do some work with. Has anyone out there ever done any work with any type of antlers.
    Second: What speed would i cut these on with my saw.
    Thanks in advance for any information.


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    I tried turning deer antlers quite a few years ago. They need to be worked very slowly whether drilling, cutting or turning.

    I didn't finish a project with the antler mostly due to the smell. I'd rather have a skunk die in my house. The stench is absolutely the worst thing imaginable.


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      Thanks woods-n-things i said i was new at this and apparently it shows.

      Simon i have cut it and it didn't smell to bad. I just went through several blades. If anyone else has any more info that would be great.


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        There is some info in this thread:
        antler carving - Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board
        Be careful with the dust, apparently it is very nasty if inhaled. You should wear a good mask.
        Good luck
        Don R
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          Wear a mask...
          It can make you REALLY sick...!!!

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            I did a little carving on a Moose antler & wasn't too bad of a smell. I didn't use the scrollsaw only on the larger part of the cut-out around the Moose head. The rest of it was done with my Dremel rotary tool. What did you have in mind to do with the antler? Maybe just cut it in slices or what? Here is the Antler that I did. Good Luck
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              Thanks,That looks great. I had something like that in mind. I haven't made up my mind yet.
              I'm kind of new to this so i will have to experiment a little, but at least I'm giving it a try. Right now i only have cut in in pieces and the right idea hasn't presented itself yet. Thanks for the reply. I will post what i have when it's done.


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                I replied to your other post. Do you have moose antler, or elk antler???
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  Elk only. Would like to have a moose, but i'm in New Mexico and there aren't many moose in New Mexico


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                    hi. I have cut alot of elk antlers for knive handles, I have found that the darker colored antlers are a little harder, than the ligher colored one ( like hard and soft wood) I used a moderate speed and found that the FD Polar 2/0 blade cuts best for me. the smell did'nt bother me to much, but there is healh issues, have fun



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