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    Have a friend that visits a flooring shop.
    They give him some of the samples that are glued on presentation boards.
    and scrap cutoffs from installs.

    Sometimes he shares them with me.
    (he uses them to make cutting boards_

    Most of the stuff is exotic, and usually Hard.
    What a variety of colors it comes in.
    I usually band saw the back grooves off, and then cut that down to.
    it finishes up nice, with an oil finish.

    The side with the floor finish I make desk names.
    Iv'e made some nice small crosses with the cuts.
    it works pretty good.
    just thought i'd share.
    always lookin for ideas!

    Be the good,
    you want to see in the world...

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    I've tried some flooring material and most I tried was the laminate stuff, it has silica in it to make it more durable and plays havoc with scroll saw and other blades. I'll have to try some of the hardwood scraps, thanks for the heads up.
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      I needed some acacia wood for a project once and ordered 5 samples for 5$ off a flooring company. I needed the full 3/4" so I had to sand their factory finish off and boy was that a job!! That is one hard finish they use on flooring!


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        I had a few pieces of bamboo flooring left over and though I'd see how it would look, cut up. I couldn't get the scrollsaw blade to cut AT ALL. My new kitchen floor is done in Acacia and is beautiful - but we had absolutely NO extras left from it- sigh.


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          From what I understand many laminated floor materials are glued up with a formaldehyde glue and are not food safe.

          If you can't fix it with sawdust and glue, it's not worth fixing.


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