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is there a source for hardwood rounds

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  • is there a source for hardwood rounds

    Like the basswood rounds only in hardwood?
    I saw some projects I'd like to make out of hardwood rounds.
    I wish I could find an old fallen tree in the woods and get someone to cut me some rounds off of it......
    is it possible to do that and would it be suitable to make projects out of?

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    Yes you can cut rounds yourself, but remember that you are dealing with end grain.
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      Catlyn, tell me the dimensions that you are looking for.... Are you talking stock like bowl blanks, or more like dowels?


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        I believe she is referring to the rounds you can get at some craft stores that are 5-6 inches around and about 1 " thick sometimes with the bark still attached.

        If you have some cut off a branch or a tree you will need to let them cure for about a year and be sure you treat them so they do not check/crack. If the limb is really dry you may not have to cure it for quite as long.
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          Michael's has some in 1/4" various diameters.

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