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  • scroll saw blanks?

    I went out on the internet to find some wood to use other than the 1 inch thick wood I can find at home. I don't have a way to alter the thickness. I would like 1/2" or 1/4". I came across these scroll saw blanks on the heritagewood site. It said "Each blank is a clear, color matched, edge glued panel.....sanded to thickness. Spend your time scrolling instead of trying to glue and plane wide panels yourself..... just apply your pattern and commence scrolling!" I haven't heard of the glue and plane method before and was wondering if using these blanks was like using a solid piece of wood. They seem expensive to me but I don't really know. I live in central PA and there doesn't seem to be a semi-local place to get wood. (If anyone knows of one...) I got the 1" oak I am using now from Ace Hardware. Any suggestions would be cool. I have a lot to learn, but I love to scroll!

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    Heritage wood is about 20 miles from me and I have been using them for years when I need wide blanks. Quality products great customer service, yes they may be a little spendy but if you would see what they go through to get these blanks as nice as they are you would understand. Give them a shot and try a piece or two. You may also want to try using MDF plywood, and you might be able to get scraps from a cabinet shop for free.
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      Woodfinder: Your Source for Lumber, Veneer and Sawmill Services is a place to start.
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        JoAnne, a couple other places that sell wood for scrolling.
        Scroll Saw Patterns Plans Books & Blades for your projects - On Sale at Scroller Ltd.
        Wildwood Designs Scroll Saw Clock Parts

        I believe any place you order wood from on line is going to be expensive. I would try to find a scource locally if possible.
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          The glue & plane method is simply a process where you take narrow boards, edge glue them together, then plane them smooth. If you select the grain patterns carefully, you can make wide panels that look like they were cut from one solid piece of stock. It is somewhat labor intensive and time consuming and you have to have the proper equipment to do it, but it can be a cheaper alternative to buying wide stock.

          Since you live in Sunbury, PA, there has to be some good local lumber yards nearby. PA is one of the leading suppliers of certain species of hardwoods in the USA. There are small sawmills and lumberyards everywhere. They don't necessarily have big fancy storefronts or do a lot of advertising, so they may take some effort to find, but they are out there. I live in Western PA and there are a number of places I can go to buy kiln dried wood and if I want, have it resawn and planed to any thickness I want. I do my own resawing & planing, so I've never compared prices with the internet sources, but being able to select your own boards is a nice luxury.
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            Got a Home Depot or Lowes out in Pa.?


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              I've been using Heritage for almost 15 years. I love their product, and the customer service is excellent..!!!
              Most of the wood in the inlays you see in my gallery or website came from them.....

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