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Hurricane Irene wood casualties will be put to good use, Need some wood ID and tips

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  • Hurricane Irene wood casualties will be put to good use, Need some wood ID and tips

    After being out of power for 30 some hours and bailing over 300 gallons of water from my sump pump well, I did get an unexpected surprise. I went to the county dump to dispose of most of our spoiled food and saw the sign for wood dumping area ahead. I drove over there and met several nice folks in my county who were disposing of trees that Irene took down.

    I've wanted to start resawing wood, even buying a riser kit and some new band saw blades, so here was my opportunity. I left with some maple, poplar and two other species I have no idea what they are. Picture #1 is the maple, I'm pretty sure about that. Picture #2 is what I believe is Poplar. I need help on picture is pretty dense wood. Picture #4 wood has a thick almost spongy type of bark with lots of green growths on it. Not as dense as #3 or the maple. Please help ID those last two.

    ALSO, being a newbie here, how should I proceed with the rounds? I have them in a dry outside shed. I won't be equipped to resaw for a few weeks to a month. Is it OK to leave the wood as is? Should I seal the ends now while still in rounds prior to resawing? Or cut them into boards while green and then seal the ends, sticker and stack?
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    ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!

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    Joel, if the wood are from blow overs (entire tree) they are OK to use. If the tree snapped it is only good for fire wood. Your first step is to seal the ends to reduce cracking. Anchorseal is great stuff. If you do not have any then latex paint will work. Apply it on heavy and do several coats.
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      I think the 3rd one is oak Joel.

      Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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        As to the type of wood:

        #1 is maple
        #2 appears to be black locust
        #3 appears to be swamp oak
        #4 also appears to be black locust

        Locust is a very very very hard wood.
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          So seal the wood now while it is still in rounds?

          Also, the second wood is not nearly as dense as the 4th and it has that stringy look along the chainsaw cuts that I've seen before with wet poplar. The barks are so different between #2 and #4, that they both can't be black locust. I was thinking #3 could be oak as well.
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          ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!


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            I agree that the 3rd is oak. If the 4th is a very dark and ugly wood then I would guess Burr Oak. I log from my own woods here in Ohio and that's the only thing Ive seen with that coarse of bark


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              Go ahead and cut your rounds and soak them in denatured alcohol for a day or so, let them drip dry and wrap them in newspaper for a couple weeks and they should be good to go.

              Should work after you resaw as well. Speed dries without cracking. Methanol can be used but keep it off your skin
              The bark in the last pic looks like locust to me. If it locust the grain will be wavy like ribbon candy. Be prepared to earn your pay when you cut it. Hard like Iron.
              Nice stuff congrats. I don't have a big enough lot to store all the treasure that came down in that storm. Breaks my heart to see it considered garbage or firewood.
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                Nice score Joel. I just love to get free wood. A friend told me a few weeks ago he was cutting down some trees for someone...and they were going to burn all the wood....most of it is stacked beside my shop now and yesterday I used my new wood slicer blade on a couple logs...cut like butter.


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                  With posts like these. I wish I had my pickup still. Riding around I see dressers or some other scrap wood sitting out along the curb. But I am already committed to where I need to be. So I can not stop.

                  And with the storms that come through. Occasionally will see a decent tree down along the road. Be nice to cut it up and bring home to the shop.

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                    I wish I still had my pickup too! But having a SUV now with a swing door and a blanket to put down, I was still able to haul 16-20 logs, some of which in the above pictures...
                    ---Joel; Central MD...rookie empter nester and getting back into woodworking!


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                      If I found those logs here in NH, I would think they were both oak (red).
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                        We were the beneficiary of a beautiful walnut tree from my friend's back yard. It totally uprooted and the trunks were almost perfectly straight for about 20 feet. It is 48 to 52 inches round. Hubby belongs to a County volunteer group that saws the trees on an antique sawmill to supply boards for county parks projects. They will be getting the tree Wed and we get first pick of the boards when they are cut. These are some pics after the trimmers trimmed & cut. Hubby has the burl pieces for turning.
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