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  • cutting acrylic

    I am trying to cut acrylic background for some of my patterns, but find that the acrylic seals itself after cutting. I use the clear postal tape and use slower speed. Any suggestions as to how to prevent this problem.

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    Hi Olenett
    You don't need to put tape on acrylic, however you should leave the film on while cutting (the film that's on the piece of acrylic when you purchase it). I use a number 5 PSR blade from Flying Dutchman, and slow your saw speed down to about half the normal speed. I never cut more then 2 layers at a time, and I secure the layers with masking tape. Use a fresh blade and if you're cutting continuously, allow the blade to cool.
    This butterfly is cut in acrylic, I was able to cut half the frets with one blade, then changed to a new one.
    Yellow butterfly 003.jpg
    The acrylic melts back to itself because of the friction caused by the blade, the blade gets very warm and needs to cool down between cuts.
    I hope this helps


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      Welcome Olenett, the information given to you by Marsha proves she has cutting acrylic down pat with her beautiful butterfly cutting.
      More info can be found at Rick Hutcheson site, click on Free Videos of Scrollsaw tips, then scroll down to the Plexiglas section, you will see 3 videos for more tips.
      Rick's Scrollsaw
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        Hi, Olenett. You don't mention the acrylic having a paper backing on both sides. I have cut a lot of acrylic pieces & not a bit of problem with fusing back together behind the blade. I can cut almost any speed & even use a spiral blade too. The paper backing is a lubricant, that keeps the blade from getting hot. I would think that the packing tape would do the same, but, I have not had to use it. I wish you good luck with your acrylic cuttings. Let us see how you are doing.


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          Hi Olenett,
          Do not use a blade with reverse teeth. The FD Polar blades have the teeth off-set a hair what makes them good to cut acrylic and corian. I use the 2" clearpackage tape. It has a chemical on top so you can un-roll it. This is a kind of silicone what releases friction, so that it will not melt back together again. Good luck.
          FD Mike
          SD Mike


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            When I cut acrylic I usually use a #5 skip tooth blade. I also find that the reverse tooth blades melt rather than cut. If I have to use a smaller blade, be sure to slow way down. I also leave the paper backing on and put the pattern right on that.

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