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1/8" hardboard

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  • 1/8" hardboard

    Hi everyone,

    Where is the best place to find/buy 1/8" or 3mm hardboard - online. I'm mostly looking for cherrywood but other boards would be good.

    Thank you,

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    hardboard? I assume you mean boards of real hardwoods? If so try or , or check on the left of the screen to other great sites. Hardboard is a glue and sawdust manmade material thats not very pleasing to the eye for scrollsawing, unless its painted. Good luck, and welcome aboard.Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Around here, hardboard is the same as Masonite - tempered hardboard. Pretty good for a backer for something made of wood, but pretty un-lovely on it's own.
      Welcome to the group.


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        Hi Craig

        Welcome to the forum .

        Would cherry laminated plywood suit you just as well? I don't know where you're based, but if you're in the UK then SL Hardwoods would be a good source. If you're in North America, I'm sure there are others with a much better knowledge of suppliers than me who'll be happy to offer advice .

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          Sorry for the use of hardboard. I did mean hardWOOD.
          Thank you for clearing that up.

          Anymore sites for quality wood at a fair price.

          Thank you,


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            Lets not discount the greatness of hardboard. I prefer 1/4 inch and a full sheet is usually $8. That's a great deal. You can use it as an overlay on a work table. put the shiny side up and wax it down with johnsons paste wax so that glue doesn't stick to it. If your new to any kind of woodworking you need some hardboard. I also use it for jigs and for patterns. I make templates for my oval or round picture frames so that I can use my router to trim the frames perfectly flush.
            Jeff Powell


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