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    In my area(SE PA, Allentown) , all I can seem to find is packets of BB that cost around $10. Each packet has about two -1/8", two-1/4" and three 1/2" , all 11 1/2" square pieces.
    #1. what can I use the 1/2" pieces for in scrolling?
    #2. where do you scrollers get your BB..I assume you don't get BB as I do in those little packets?!?!?
    Thanks for any direction.

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    I get my BB in 5 x 5 foot sheets.
    1/2 BBply can be used for puzzles, trivets, toys, the list is endless. You can do all the same things you do with the thinner wood.
    I use it for jigs, tools , boxes heavy outdoor ornaments. If you can think of it you can build it.

    I get my BB ply from a local plywood store called Windsor Plywood.
    Whoda thunk there would be a store that specializes in plywood?????
    I wouldn't think there would be a market big enough for such a specialty.
    They sell other woods and hardware and tools too but they got their start with ply.
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      I also get mine in 5x5 and 4x8 sheets, depending on the thickness.

      I purchase it from a small lumber yard close to my place, called BMR. It is surprizing that they survived the competition of the big box stores that opened around here in the last few years. A credit to their service.

      They don't stock all sizes, but can order them for me in about 48 hours, in single sheet orders if I wish. Did I mention Service?

      Also, the owner's son, who works there, like to tinker in furniture making and sometimes has rough wood. Last time I got a couple of boards of walnut from his personal stash. Saved me a trip to my place which is a half hour farther away. Have I said they offer great service too?

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        I get mine in 55 by 5 foot sheets as well from a lumber dealer. I do have some 1/8th thick and some 1/4th thick top grade bb ply cut to 20 by 30 inches (+ or-1/4th) that Im willing to sell and ship if interested. For 20 by 30's I get $3.50 for 1/8th, $4.50 for 1/4th, and $6.50 for 1/2 . As for shipping, I would need actual shipping cost. The 1/2 inch stuff is great where strength matters more than appearance, and for things painted, like the pumpkins or rabbits recently in the SSW (or ssw&c) magazine. Dale
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          You could also buy it online, Sloans is a great supplier.
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