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1/8" BB not 1/8"?

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  • 1/8" BB not 1/8"?

    I've be using some 1/8"BB from a local dealer. I bought 1 sheet and used it up and got another. I cut a piece from the new sheet and I noticed it was a little thick for my frame. It is 3/16" and not 1/8". Is thia a normal variation or did he give me the wrong sheet?
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    Heres some interseting info for you.:::
    3mm (1/8”) –
    6mm (1/4”) –
    9mm (3/8”) –
    12mm (1/2”) –
    15mm (5/8”) –
    18mm (3/4”) –
    * Note – the Baltic Birch thicknesses in inches are approximate. For example, the most common thickness for drawer sides is 12mm or ¬Ĺ”. However, a true half inch = 12.7mm. Baltic birch has been around long enough that the equivalency ratios stated above are considered the norm.

    So, you can expect a little variance, but 1/16th seems like a lot to me. Are you sure its Baltic birch, and not something else that looks similar? Dale
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      Ahoy Capt,

      I believe BB is actually measured in mm, so the thickness will be a little off if you expect it to be exactly 1/8"

      I would like someone else to confirm that, since what I get is called Russian Birch ( Merisier Russe) and that is definitely measured in mm (Welcome to Canada)


      Edit: I think Dale wrote the same thing at the same time
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        Baltic Birch is measure in MM as are most of the imported woods.
        On the plus aide, the standard dimensions are 5 feet x 5 feet.

        Now thats a quilting block!
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          As has already been stated, genuine BB is sold in mm. It sounds like you were given the wrong piece though, I've never seen thicker than nominal wood sold (unless it's rough sawn lumber).
          As an FYI, after doing many dados, I can assure you that no plywood is as thick as advertised, whether dimensioned in metric or imperial.
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            He said it was BB and 1/8" and I trusted him. He is a wood supplier selling all kinds of hardwoods from home. Been in business for a long time. Ya' can't feel the difference just by grabbing so that's why I didn't catch it right off the bat. It's not really a big deal excpet that I'm gonna have to be pickier about my frames when I buy them so I'll know that they'll fit and still be able to get the backer on. I'm also concern about being able to stack cut 4 pieces now at 3/4" as opposed to 4 at 1/2" with a #1 spiral.
            Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
            Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.


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              canadian math

              It's a canadian conspiracy, I'm sure of that. They can't take us over with their military might, so they are attacking with measuring sticks.
              Here's how I fight back...I tape a conversion chart on the wall, and then I duck tape my head before I look at it, so that when my head explodes, the doctor can find all the pieces!

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                I think I'm safe and I'm stupid! The man didn't sell me the wrong sheets this time. He did however sell me a 3/16" piece awhile back. Story is that I ran out of my 1/8" one day and called him up and he said he had some. I drove the 15 miles there only to find out that he didn't any except some "bottom of the stack" stuff. These pieces had a good many knots in them and they had a "dirty" look to them. He gave me a sheet since I'd drove down and he was mistaken. He said he'd have some new stuff in in a few weeks. I took the sheet because I figured I could work around the knots and get a few pieces out of it which I did. I cut my "Best Friends" Firefighter" pieces out of them because they looked pretty good with that "dirty" look to them. I went and got the new sheets the other day. I went to frame the Firefighter and noticed the 3/16" thickness. I went and measured something and got the same thing. What I measured I don't know but I measured my new sheets today and they are 1/8" and not 3/16" as I had thought so I am safe. Mismeasureing was stupid because I'd have hated to load up and drive 30 miles round trip to exchange 1/8"BB for 1/8" BB. I can't get anything else out the dirty 3/16" except maybe an 8x10. But I have learned a vaulable lesson through my confusion. Measure before you buy and the mm thickness. Even in errors there are lessons to be learned.

                P.S Is $12.50 for a 5x5 sheet of 1/8" BB and $17.50 for 1/4" a good price?
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                Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
                Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.


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                  Originally posted by Capt Weasel
                  P.S Is $12.50 for a 5x5 sheet of 1/8" BB and $17.50 for 1/4" a good price?
                  Yes! Yes! Yes! Buy it now, before it goes up!
                  I pay more than that for crummy HD birch ply (NOT Baltic!)
                  Get thee to the wood store!


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