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need some rosewood

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  • need some rosewood

    i need a piece of rosewood between and 8th and a quarter inch thick... 15" by 15" in size... if you got any resource or a piece you can part with LMK... I need it for a project for a customer... Thanx for your help.

    ~Tim Bonner
    'smile it makes people wonder what your up to, and brightens anothers day.'

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    Thats a wide piece of rosewood

    Try Chit at Chit's Exotic Hardwood Cache,, or aka chitswood on eBay. LOTS of exotic stuff at this place. I have NEVER had a problem with any order, you get what is described, and often is is much nicer than expected.

    There is one other place I bought from "in person" while visiting family and checking out the retirement spread in Minnesota. Heritage Building Specialties in Fergus Falls offers great domestic and exotic wood. They will even resaw and glue-up wide scroll blanks for you. Contact at

    Good luck!
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      There also was a guy selling at Branson show that sold glued up thin exotics ,that although a little pricy for me, were absolutely beautiful. Hopefully someone else that was there would remember this vendor and be able to put you in contact with him. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        man im looking everywhere, can find practically anything but rosewood... also if anyone know where to get a 2inch by 4 inch piece of rosewood 24inches long... also interested in that for a friend of mine... but the piece mentioned in the 1st post is most important...

        Thanx again for the help folks.
        'smile it makes people wonder what your up to, and brightens anothers day.'


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          Rosewood is extinct and actually anything you buy is a look alike....but I digress...
          Lumberlady of Yuma will hook you up, I know she has it, she ships fast and is very reliable, but she has a $50 minimum order I thinks... Also, Cook Hardwoods has it for sure too, and I doubt they have a minimum. You can find either of them searching the internet. Cook is the biggest, and you will also find them selling wood on Ebay, including the "fake" rosewood that you are looking for.
          Cook is your best chance at finding a 15" wide piece, because they are not only retailers, but they are importers. most likely you will need to do some re-sawing and glue up a piece to make it as wide as you are talking.

          Also, if you have never used rosewood, it does not glue well. use a polyurethane glue, because it is an oily wood. It is pretty hard but cuts and shapes ok. The sawdust is a potential hazard to your lungs, and could give you chemical pneumonia, so be sure and use a proper mask, and wash your hands when you are finished...vacuum and clean the area. It is as bad or worse than ebony, which many people are allergic to.
          even if you fail to yeild caution, and do not get sick, using another wood later on can activate the rosewood in your blood stream.
          Jeff Powell


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