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  • blades breaking in half

    I have a problem with blades breaking right in half latley. Saw runs fine but getting the tension just right has always been a little touchy. I use an Eclipse and it is a good saw, but you have to know what you're doing to run it. Definitlya different kind of saw. My quuestion is-if the saw is running fine, and the only problem I'm having is the blade breaking in the middle, is it most likely a tension problem ? I might mention I cut 3/4 inch slabs and I use spiral blades only (2/0) and I know they stretch, but I've just not had this happen with other saws. HELP !!! TKS, RAIN MAN
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    I am just curious . . there are so few of those saws in use compared to other makes and yes , I agree from what I have seen or herad of them that they are a great saw. But have you contacted Ernie Mellon about the problem. ? He above all knows that saw inside out and backwards and maybe has the answer.
    On the other hand , it could be as simple as a bad run of blades. I have experenced that myself many times over the years with a couple brands.

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      Just from a practical point of view, the middle is likely to be the hottest when cutting thick wood - possibly always in contact and never quite exiting above or below the cut. Are you getting any burning in the cut?


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        Is it a reverse tooth spiral? If so, it could be sawdust trapped in the cut and causing too much stress at that point.I dont like the reverse spirals, When I tried them I broke a few right at the point where they meet the table height on the top of the upstroke.
        Other then that, give us an idea about your saw. Do you feel it is worth the price? How superior do you think it is compared to your other saw you are selling?It has some really awesome features to it, I really like them, but the cost bites me.Also, when your doing something with a gatrillion and 3 holes, how do you like it? And, if in 10 years something breaks or wears out,will you be able to access parts? Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          RainMan. one of the good points here, among others. was , maybe its, that bunch of blades. if you still have your old saw. do you have one blade left? to try on you old saw. and see if it breacks there. your friend Evie


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            Blades Breaking In Half

            I Think I Figured Out My Problem. The Wood I'm Cutting Is A Very Old , Hard, Maple Burl. Hardest Wood I've Ever Cut !!! I Thought It Might Be A Bad Batch Of Blades But I Tried Some Scrap And They Cut Fine. Need To Finish This Project Before I Run Out. Lol Tks, Rain Main


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              Thanks for fillin us in on the breakage cause. If you get a chance, can ya tell me your thoughts on the eclipse now that youve used it a while? dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                I think your review of the saw was very objective.
                There is a learning curve on any new tool and we have to be patient to make the most of our new purchase.

                I remember a long time ago my wife's grandfather told me a story of his first tractor.
                He had been plowing fields for many years with a horse and plow. the horse was so good at it he barely had to lead it around the field.
                The tractor seemed to be more powerful than the horse, and the horse had earned some rest.
                The first loop around the field with a tractor the plow snagged on a rock and broke. His horse would have never let this happen. So the tractor was put back in the shed and the horse was brought out of retirement.
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                  Rain Man, go to and click on Eclipse review. Very interesting to read what experts have to say about the Eclipse.
                  "Mr Melon Turned Out Not To Be The Most Patient Person I've Ever Dealt with." I think that was uncalled for.
                  Mike M
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                    Mike, I Know You And I Have A Lot Of Respect For You. I Have Edited This Twice Now. I Dont Want To Offend Anyone. I Was Asked About The Saw . I Was Being Honset Without Going Into It That It My Encounter With Him Was Not The Best. I Would Recomend This Saw All Day Long, But Service Is Important Too. Truth Is, I Was The Problem, Not The Saw. Rain Man
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                      Rain Man,

                      I did not say that I know.
                      Go to Rick's site and click on Eclipse review.
                      That is what I did and learned a lot from the experts.

                      Mike M
                      SD Mike


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                        Ricks Site

                        Mike, I Did That Way Before I Bought The Saw. I Dont Know Why This Bothered You. I Felt He Was Somewhat Impatient, Most Likely It Was Justified, Once Again, The Problem With The Saw Turned Out To Be Me, He Became Frustrated. I Can Understand That. But I Also Need To Point Out ,i Was The Customer ! Know What I Mean ? Rain


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                          Thanks Rain Man. I understand

                          Mike M
                          SD Mike


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                            I must have missed something, but anyways, thanks for your input on the eclipse. I do think its such a smooth running machine, with a lot of extras, like the hourmeter and digital readout and all that. I was mainly concerned with how the constant blade changing from one hole to the next on a large project was. If I read it right, you still enjoy the yella saw more for that sort of repetition? Thanks for the information. Ive seen and used the eclipse a few times at the shows, and I do like it, except the price, but i'm smart enough to know you get what you pay for , for the most part anyways. Dale
                            Dale w/ yella saws


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