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Where to get Acrylic?

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  • Where to get Acrylic?

    Thinking of trying my hand at scrolling some acrylic. I was wondering where some places I can get it. I saw that Sloan's carries some but they don't have the color I was looking for. Are there any other places that carry it? Does Lowe's or Home Depot? I can get clear plexiglass at my local hardwear store but was lookng for some colored stuff to. I might get me a piece of clear to try. I'm thinking of using it for a backing piece on some fragile stuff I'm cutting or either stand alone.
    Also, what size blade would you recommend for 1/8" and 1/4" stock so I can get some from Mike?
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    Sloans is the place I buy all my acrylic. I don't know of any other, you may want to do a 'Google' search and see what pops up.


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      Wildwoodesigns also have a nice assortment of lots of colors , of Acrylic even mirrored. go to # 7901 to 7908 . your friend Evie


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        sloans, or dirk at the art factory, wildwood does, and somewhere i have a name of a great place to get it from, i ordered a special color from them, if i find that link, i will pass it on to you Dale
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          Capt Weasel,

          dont know if it will help you with your project but at hobbie lobby i was in the material and sewing department back by the gadgets and wheel rotory cutters, lots of little doo gadgits in that area that can help with measuring and cutting patterns out, circles and french curves...

          but in my hunt i found some sheets of maylar, some thick some thin some colored.. the sheet i found is dang near as thick as a gutar pick, i plan to use it for pattern templates as it wont wear like paper....

          just a thought.

          check the glass shops in your local area for acrilic, thats where i found it localy years ago when i needed it
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            The largest nearby city to me has a neat place called Precision Plastics. They do all sorts of plastics, including acrylic and even corian or a clone. You might just try a yellow pages search under "plastics", and let your fingers do the walking.
            Once you get it, just tell Mike what you have, and he'll know what blades to send you.


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