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  • Aromatic Cedar

    Is this a good deal? 35 board foot of aromatic cedar for $59.00. Supposed to be 7 inch widths. Thanks Bob
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    sounds fair. Is it dryed, rough sawn or planed?
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      What's the thickness?

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        Sounds like a great deal. It is pretty wood.
        Be carefull with that stuff though . Use lots of dust collection as well as a high quality dust mask. Some people are alergic to it . I am one of them.

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          I often use 1/4" aromatic cedar for jigsaw puzzles, primarily our Christmas card puzzles. I get it from Wildwood Designs. When they have it in stock, it's about $7 for a sheet 16" x 24".

          As Bill says, wear a dust mask when cutting cedar. Other woods don't bother me, but I cough all night if I don't protect myself with cedar. The result smells good, though!

          Have phun....

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            Thanks guys for the info, looks like somebody beat me to it! Rats. Next time I'll jump on it right away. Bob
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