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    Has anybody ever ordered anything from I ran acroos them on-line and they seem to have a very large variety of wood to choose from in all kinds of sizes. The list is broken down geographically with all availible species listed. They have all kind of wood that I've never heard of to. Their prices don't seem to be bad either. If ya' have ordered how was the service and the wood?
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    Yes, I have! The wood is great, the service is good, and the prices are a little more then I can get the natives here locally at the mill, but on exotics, they are the place to go. At one time, they offered 10 BF of black willow for free to the first 20 or so people to want it, in exchange for a picture of what it was used on, and your thoughts on black willows value in woodworking.I was one of the lucky ones that got the deal. The wood was all great. I also have purchased some purpleheart and some leopardwood from them.If you tell them exactly what sizes you will need, they go the extra mile to make sure all your pieces are uniform in color/grain, and wide enough, and all that jazz.
    As for the value of black willow and woodworking.............. For furniture... to light and weak. Its to soft for most things. BUT, for intarsia, it is an awesome wood, with colors that vary, sometimes moreso then cedar! It scrolls nice to, with little or no fuzzies. Dale
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      I, live in a subburb of Phoenix,AZ and have used woodworkers source for some time. I have always found the quality of the wood excellant along with the service. They also periodically have some great sales. Hope this helps.


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        Great place. I also live near by and go there often. They are kinda pricey but good quality. They have a great selection and offer volume discounts.



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