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    Okay, question for all those who have secret connections.I need some "extra wide" wood.I'm planning to make a candleabra from 1/4" Walnut that will stand 21" tall, and will hold 5 candles.The main body of it will be four pieces.The parts for the base will be 10" W, and the top pieces will be 13" W.Does anyone know of a supplier for this size?I've checked Sloans,Memphis Hardwood,Ocooch, Thinboards, and ebay. At those widths, which would you recommend,hardwood or plywood.Should I consider glue -ups? I would prefer not to have the distracting edges of plywood,but I also have concerns about cupping on hardwood that wide.
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    There is a local supplier here in BC that has hardwoods up to 4 and 5 feet wide.
    It is all kiln dried. but I am not sure on the shipping costs
    The boards are 1" to 4" thick so they would need re-sawing

    Here is a link

    As for the cupping, at that thickness you would be better off gluing up. Maybe slightly thicker wood would be better
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      I've got some nice 1/4 walnut 10-12" wide from Peterson's Custom Lumber ( .

      Heritage Building Specialties ( sells clear glue up panels in a whole bunch of species - from aspen to maple, walnut, cherry, purpleheart, etc.... I
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        In the left column on this page under Scrolling Community is a link that says "Other Great Sites", click on it , click on retailers and scroll down to The Wood and Shop. They have glue ups to 15"X24".

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          bearfretworks mentioned the two links i would try. Petersons for wide boards, and heritage for glueups. The glueups will look pretty uniform, and shouldnt warp at all, but properly prepared and dried wide lumber should be stable as well.
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            I use a lot of 1/4 inch red oak that comes in 5 1/2 inch width. It's mullion board that comes finished on both sides. I edge glue two or more together for the widths I need and have never had any problems. You just need to ensure you don't get any glue on the surface because it's a bear to remove and will show up in the finish. You can look in the user's gallery under "baskets" for an example of what the 1/4 inch mullion looks like. That basket is 150% larger than the original pattern and incorporates glued up boards on the sides and center divider.
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              299t, just found this one this morning. Mick.
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                Dirk, the owner has posted here and I bought wood from him. Check his prices, he beats just about everyone else. Beautiful wood too!
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