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  • Veneering

    Okay, I've decided to veneer a background for a piece I'm doing. I've actually never done this before, so I am trying to save some money. I bought some 'Pro-Glue' dry powder and have read the directions. My questing is: Do I need to place the glue on the Veneer & the backer or just one... if just one... which do I put it on... the Veneer or the backer?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I've never used the product you've mentioned, but I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you veneer not only the front of the piece, but also the back. When you apply a veneer, the glue can tend to distort it's foundation board as it cures. To counteract this you need to either fasten it to something very secure to keep it from warping, or veneer the obverse so that equal and opposing pressure is exerted as the glue cures.

    I'd also suggest that you veneer the sides of the foundation board first if they're going to be visible; you'll get a much better result when you lay the front and rear veneers.

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