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  • ? wood/ first project

    What wood should I use for a first project and some there after?

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    I think you would be best to start off using a soft wood such as pine or poplar. If you have it handy or can get it easy enough I would use something 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. For first projects I would pick up a copy of John Nelson's book "Scroll Saw Workbook". If you take it setp my step you will be a master in no time. Good Luck and Happy Scrolling.

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      The type of wood you use is a personal preference.
      Select a project and imagine it in your favorite wood, then go from there.

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        I personally don't like pine for scrolling- I am afraid if you use that to learn you will get discouraged in a hurry- pine doesnt scroll well at all for me - it breaks to easy- I use baltic birch plywood i get from home depot- a 1/4 inch sheet is $ 20--1/2 inch is $30- for a 4 x 8 sheet and they will cut it down for you . just be sure to store it flat and away from drafts - including heat vents
        I have a sheet cut into 6 pieces and that way i can have big projects in a same grain line and then cut the size I need for smaller one myself


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          As we scroll we learn more and more about the materials we use.
          I started by using some cheap plywood paneling that splintered like crazy.
          Then I tried MDF, sawdust like crazy, but it is a consistent product that allows for consistent cuts
          I have used pine but it is best to get close grained stuff, the dark rings can slow down the blade and the softer pith can let it cut fast.
          I do like using it for some segmentation projects because I can incorporate the grain into the project. It is also very easy to sand.

          I do like Baltic birch ply for fretwork and for jigs and boxes.

          I also like hardwoods for the same things, but the grain has to be just right or it is a waste of good money.
          It is hard to give a definitive answer if we do not know what you want to make.

          I look back now at some of my first projects and think of how much better they would have been if I had used the best material for the project.
          So let us know what you would like to scroll and we can help.
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            It's a Murphy's Law thing. If you just use some cheap scrap ply or hardboard, your first work will turn out great. If you get a nice piece of wood, well...

            A lot depends on what pattern you choose first.



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