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Canary Wood /Yellow Pine trouble

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  • Canary Wood /Yellow Pine trouble

    I recently got some canary wood,which has rich yellow/green color. However it seems to break after I scroll saw it.It does not seem to have much stregnth. Anybody used this before?
    I also was using some yellow pine for scrolling and the difference in cutting between the rays, soft and hard made the cut impossible to follow.What started out as an oval ended up to be scalloped. Looks like it might be good for fire wood. Any suggestions? Thanks... Bob
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    I have used canary wood many times and have had no problems with it. I have never used it less than 1/4" thick The clock on the right is canary wood and the one on the left is oak with rosewood for the base. Cut great no problem. Are you sure it is canary wood.?? Some times if a board is not dried properly even in kilns it will get stress cracks and when you thin it it releases and cracks on you. This could be happening to you.

    As far as the yellow pine it has long grain lines in it and is actually tough to scroll because of it. Not a good wood for detail scrolling. You will find this sometimes even in oak but a good sharp blade as you get from FD blades will not present a problem. If you want to use pine try sugar pine but warn you it is soft.
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      John T; Thank you for your responce. I did try to cut it 1/4" for some earing patterns and that is when it started to crack.The supplier assured me that it was canary wood. He is local. The piece I bought was 5/4, and I did resaw it to something smaller, it has an attractive color, and I was looking for something that stood out. I was using the yellow pine for some Indian feathers. Since it has outstanding grain it makes a nice finishhed piece.Oh well back to the drawing board...Your clocks look very,very nice, no wonder thay call you the "CLOCKMAN".You certaintly are "MASTER" of your trade.Thanks again. Bob
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