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  • Wood for Plaque

    Im going to try and make this for a person leaving my unit as a going away gift. What would you guys recommend as for the wood for this thing. I would like to do it in different types of wood. One for the sword, one for the handle and then a different for the snakes and trim and also the background would have to be red. Thanks.
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    What an awesome project that will be.

    For the background, you could use padauk, or mahogany, or purpleheart or redwood, or bloodwood, or....well there are lots.
    The symbol itself could be birch, or maple, or holly, even BB Ply if you did it as an inlay.

    I would love to see the finished product
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      SSG Johnson,
      1. Purple Heart - Background piece
      2. Wings/Snakes - Medium Oak/Butternutt
      3. Sword - Maple/light Hickory
      4. Sword Handle - Walnut
      5. Rope Trim - (Whateve is used for Sword)
      6. OR use actual rope to wrap around.


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        Thanks for the replys I will go and look at the wood and see what I will do it in. I think I like the way you think there Grizz. I will post a pic of it when I have it done for sure.
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          Hi SSG Johnson

          I'm probably out of order here because I'm going to suggest you might get a better result using a different technique. Have you considered cutting this motif in relief from one piece of wood? If you wished, you could then use colored woodstains to achieve the effect you're looking for.

          My personal taste would be to use a light wood which takes a stain well and leave the actual motif its natural color whilst staining the background red.

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            I will do one like that as well I think. Im going to do it in pine this evening so that is what I will do with it I will post pics as soon as its complete.
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              Consider Yellowheart also...?

              Here's my suggestions:
              Background- Purpleheart
              Handle -Maple
              This will give you a nice range of light-medium-dark wood.
              The Purpleheart is really vivd with a good finish on it and makes your others really stand out.The Yellowheart will really sharpen up also. It can look a little flat, but a good lacquer will wake it up.The Walnut will "tie together" the Cherry and Maple.
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                Originally posted by SSG Johnson
                I think I like the way you think there Grizz. .
                There's a First!

                Good luck with your project!


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